Choosing a Storage Unit

There are various reasons storage facilitywhy a person may find themselves in need of storage. Whether that may be temporary storage or long term storage, there are a few important factors to consider:

1) Climate control. This is, in my opinion, at the top of the list and something that you shouldn’t compromise. Climate control means that whether it’s 100 degrees or -10 degrees, your belongings will be protected from pests, moisture, and other threats.

2) Prices $$$$. Pricing is always important, no matter the subject. Many facilities offer cheaper prices online and many well known facilities offer $1 first month or first month free. (In those cases, there’s usually a $30 insurance and maintenance fee).

3) Location location location. This can be especially important if you need access to your stored belongings.

4) Size. There are a bunch of different storage units. Examples are 5 x 5, 5 x 10, 5 x 15, 10 x 10, 10 x 15, 10 x 20, 10 x  25, 10 x 30, etc. When you’re finished packing, measure out an appropriate sized box and see if your belongings will fit. Most units have an 8 ft ceiling so you can stack furniture as well. A quick guide for sizes:

  • 5 x 5: Approximately one small room of furniture
  • 5 x 10: Approximately one regular sized room of furniture
  • 5 x 15: Approximately 2 rooms of furniture
  • 10 x 10: Approximately 3 rooms of furniture
  • 10 x 15: Approximately 4 rooms of furniture
  • 10 x 20: Approximately 5 rooms of furniture
  • 10 x 25 and up: Approximately 6+ rooms of furniture

5) Cleanliness. I would recommend visiting a facility before reserving a unit. Some units are cleaner than others and you definitely want the best for your prized possessions.

6) Security. Last but certainly not least, while visiting the facility, make sure to find out about their security system. Most facilities are equipped with a gate and camera system but you need to make sure. The safekeeping of your belongings is your main focus so make sure they’ll be safe and sound wherever they’ll be held.

I hope this tips will help you to find the most suitable storage facility and unit for you. For storage quotes, questions, or assistance finding the best storage solution for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help you with all of your moving and storage needs.

Lighten Your Load- A Guide for Simple Moving

Moving is undoLighten Your Load- A Guide for Simpler Moverubtedly the most stressful task. You experience a huge load of task on your shoulders. From managing kids to packing even the smallest items and securing each box as well, you need to control your nerves before heading to start your move. However, there is a small guide mentioned below which can help you lighten your load.

Pack the Right Appliances

It takes a lot of time to pack every item. Even after packing, you have to pay some extra attention in safely moving them while carrying a fear to damage them. What you should do is, check each piece and see if you need to it or not. Keep only the one, which is important for you. Throw away the outdated one. No need to move waste.

Bigger Items First

It is best to first pack bigger items. You will feel relieved once those large boxes are secured. Organize each item properly into the box. Try to save more space. Use moving pads to protect your belongings.

Organize and Label

One thing that most people ignore is, they do not label the boxes. Remember to end your moving task successfully without any loss or damage; first, you have to manage the entire task. You have to organize each item properly and label the boxes. In this way, you will know where the particular box is to be dropped and what items do they carry.

Even though you go on hiring the best moving company, you have to perform the task mentioned above. Moreover, every moving firm suggest its customers to first change the residential address in their bank records, go for checking insurance plan and update the mailing address as well. It is best to create a checklist entering each of the important tasks above the less important ones.


Things To Do Before You Move House

Things To Do Before You Move HouseMoving is undoubtedly the most stressful work to do. We become accompanied with worries that nothing should be left behind and everything should work smoothly and safely without any loss or damage.

However, in the struggle for keeping all the ducks in a row, we often forget to check that our finances should go along with the move without a hitch.

If you are not hiring the best residential or commercial moving company then below is the list of things you should check before shifting your undertakings.

Re-direct Your Mails

Re-direct your mails to your new address. By doing this you can save your personal belongings from getting into a wrong hand. You can redirect in advance and set a period maybe twelve months or so, you will be charged a little amount but that’s okay for saving your credentials from getting hacked.

Contact Your Banks

The bank statements or any important letter is directed to the address that you have entered in our information stored on the database of our bank. When we move we often forget to update our info. Therefore before moving go for updating all your information on your bank’ database. Inform them in advance about your moving dates so that they can change their records.

Check your Home Insurance

When buying a new home you should go for having building insurance. Whether you are renting your building or buying it, insurance plan is imperative for its protection. The moment you get to know about your new home you should set the policy in place. The professional movers do advice for first checking the insurance plan before moving.

Moreover, apart from this, things like contacting your car movers or looking for expert moving services for keeping things smooth and checking your final meter readings are some of the many things you should check.


The Easiest Ways to Move Your Furniture Safely

Here I am going to offer you The Easiest Ways to Move Your Furniture Safelysome easy tips of professional movers, which can help you, move your heavy and luxurious furniture without putting a scratch.

Moving furniture requires quite a technique. They are heavy, expenses and sensitive as well. It is best to go for hiring a commercial movers company to do the job for you.

However, I have listed down some guidelines to transport safely your furniture either to the next room or to another building. Read on!

Prepare A Short Inventory

Well this is a not-so-important part but I am mentioning it just because it matters a little. Gather the tools and possibly important stuff before unscrewing your bed of planning to drag your cupboards out. You should have every useful tool so that you do not have to suffer in the middle.

Measure the Door and Hallways

Here comes the important part! Measure the doors first before dragging or pulling your furniture out of the room. Your door might seem broad enough from a distant but the moment you and your best pal decide to pull that couch out you end up leaving a big ugly scratch on the door and on that fancy piece as well. So it’s better to go for precautions the to suffer latter.

Measure the size of the hallways and the doors and all the areas through which that furniture has to pass. See if in length and width you will be able to move or not. The moving companies having experience in the filed know every tactics of moving furniture without getting into any trouble.

Moreover, be smart when planning to move your furniture. If you want to move the table then take off its glass and put in aside, then move the wooden part. Similarly, if your side tables have unattached glass on it, it is best to first take these kinds of materials out before getting involved in the pulling ad dragging activities. Note every piece carefully and check the stuff that can be detached before moving.

Get the Right Tools and Equipment

You should have the knowledge to use the right tool at the right place. For example when unscrewing a bed, you will need a screwdriver and a wrench. Similarly, you should know what to get for each type of furniture.  The table legs, tops, doorframes, window blinds, and panel boxes everything require various tools. You can seek help form corporate movers too.

Do Not Lose The Parts

You need to make sure that after disassembling the furniture every part is kept somewhere securely. You should not lose any piece or screw. After you get down with your bed put each piece and screw together in a cotton box or at a place where you do not have the fear of losing it.

Use Proper Packing Materials

You should have proper packaging materials for each item or furniture. Get yourself some cotton boxes, plastic bags, papers, taps and ropes to tie every piece together and to wrap carefully without damaging any item.


How to Load Your Furniture into Truck for Moving Safely

How to Load Your Furniture into Truck for Moving Safely

The items you will be needing on your task of moving includes a moving blanket, mattress, packing taps, some moving straps, work gloves to protect you from injuries, rope, rocket straps, small and large stretch straps, along with tarp and sheeting. However, you might not want every material it depends on the item you plan to move.


Prepare To Load

To ensure that your belongings reach the drop off safely and securely while making sure that you invest less time and fatigue it is important to go for pre-planning your task.

The most important part is getting moving-grade boxes instead of going for grocery boxes. The moving boxes are most preferred by every small or big corporate moving company. It’s more like the best movers choice as these boxes are designed to store items providing them safe and damage-free transportation. You can easily square-off them while they will keep on maintaining integrity. Moreover, label the boxes as well. Mention what is there in it and where it should be moved.

While wrapping the furniture use moving pads, papers, and plastic wraps. For upholstery items use plastic wraps, for steel and metal items go for moving pads and for other items do not forget to wrap them in papers before putting them inside the moving-boxes.

Be careful while disassembling the furniture. First disassemble the mirrors or cupboards, side tables, dining tables and of every furniture which is possible before wrapping or dragging. Be generous while wrapping them, by saving pads only to save some money you can cause huge damage to your items. You never know what went wrong the minute you unload the box. So be generous and careful.

Loading the Items

While loading them make sure you know the width of every doorway you are about to pass. Make the path obstacle-free. For this task, you can seek help from cheap moving companies too.

On the floor lay a plastic wrap for protecting against dust. Organize your items properly in the truck, putting the string and heavy ones first and the fragile and light ones after or on top of them. Make sure that each box is balanced properly.

If you have frames, pictures or mirrors to move it is best to put them wrapped upside down over mattress. It will protect them from damaging or breaking. Moreover, do not put heavy items over electronics or appliances. It can damage them internally.

Summing Up

These were some basic tips for moving your furniture. Where you will do enough to make sure your belongings reach the spot safely, you should also make arrangements to protect yourself from injuries too. Put on gloves and cover your face from getting safe from dust.  The best would be to let the commercial movers handle all of these troubles.

Free Activities in Washington DC

There are so many frwashington dcee activities  in Washington DC that you don’t want to miss! All throughout the year you can explore activities that cost you nothing!

1) So many museums, including all the Smithsonian Museums (Some of these being the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, National Gallery of Art, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian American Art Museum, etc)

2) Smithsonian’s National Zoo

3) Summer time concerts (Mid May – mid Sept) at Yards Park. Concerts begin at 6:30 pm.

4) Gravely Point Park. You get to watch planes land right over your heads! Perfect for children!

5) Take some awesome pictures of the Monument in the moonlight. Talk about a stunning picture!

6) Watch the changing of the guard at the Arlington National Cemetery. It happens every hour (on the hour) from March- October. Kind of weird but super cool, if you ask me.

7) Watch the cherry trees blossom in the spring time. They’re’ absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

8) Look at the awesome fountain at Bartholdi Park. This is a great activity to do with children as well.

9) Visit the National Cathedral (only free on Sundays so make sure you go then). History lesson, anyone?

10) Go to the P Street Whole Foods on Tuesday nights for some cooking classes/demos. Make sure to register before you go. And please, you could use the cooking help 😉

Have fun doing all your FREE activities in Washington DC!

Summer moving

Summer’s here Summer movingso let’s talk about summer moving! The moving industry gets very, very, VERY busy during the summer months. Did I say very?! Kids are out of school, young adults are on their college breaks, and parents want to move in before the beginning of the school year. It’s summer moving time! The truth is, temperature wise, I myself would much prefer to move in the summer rather than the dead of the freezing winter!


If you have a move coming up this summer there are very important things to remember. Start here:

  • Schedule in advance! Moving companies will be jam packed during the summer months. Try to book as much in advance as you can so you don’t get stuck with crazy high rates or no moving company at all.
  • To get the best price, try to move in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month. This will be the cheapest option for an expensive season.
  • If it’s a hot day, remember that it’s hot for the movers as well. Offer them cold water and understand if they need to take a few short breaks.
  • Try to schedule your move for the morning, the first appointment of the day. In a busy season, the afternoon jobs may get delayed from the morning jobs.
  • If moving into a storage facility make sure it’s climate controlled. Any extreme weather temperatures can damage your belongings if the units are not climate controlled.
  • Try to ensure that there is working air conditioning at both locations..pick up and delivery.
  • Some of your items won’t do well in the hot back of the truck. This is especially important if you’re moving a longer distance. Try to pack any items that will be damaged from the heat with you in the car.

DC Pro Movers is almost fully booked for this summer. Call now to book your upcoming summer move before we’re filled up!




Staying organized during your move

This is get-organizeda great guide for staying organized during your move. Relocating is stressful as it is- you definitely don’t want to add fuel to the fire. Keeping organized during your move will make the experience 100 times better! Trust me on this one.

Start by giving yourself time! You should begin the process at least 1 month prior to moving. You definitely don’t want to wait for last minute.

1) Create a moving folder. This folder should, at the least, include:

  • Quotes from a few moving companies (if you plan on hiring movers)
  • A packing schedule if you’re going to be packing yourself. Start room by room. And begin with the items you won’t need any time soon (out of season clothes for example). Most importantly, remember, slow and steady wins the race!

2) If you plan to pack yourself, go through your belongings and trash/give away whatever you can. The less stuff you have to move the more organized you can be.

3) Label your boxes!!!! The simplest, possibly most helpful organizational tip is to label boxes by room. This way you can have the correct boxes placed in their appropriate rooms  It will make unpacking a million times easier!

4) If disassembling the furniture yourself, put all appropriate hardware in a bag and tape it to the items being disassembled.

Hopefully these easy steps will help you in staying organized and calm during your upcoming move. For any additional questions please feel free to contact us at 202-570-7220.

How to handle the stress of moving

HealthStatus restressful moveports that moving is one of the biggest stressors amongst people. Even if you’re upgrading your home, there’s something about relocating that really stresses people out.

Follow these helpful hints on how to handle the stress of moving:

1) Ask for help! Don’t be to shy or stubborn to ask for help. Ask your family or friends to help you pack, watch your kids or pets, etc. Even minimal help will make a large difference.

2) Hire help! Hire movers, cleaners, whatever you can to make the process easier for you.

3) Plan ahead. Don’t wait till last minute to start packing. Make an organized packing plan starting 3 weeks before your move. Make sure to stick to the plan so you don’t have too much to do last minute.

4) Pack wisely. Label boxes when you’re able to. This will help tremendously when unloading and unpacking.

5) Trash/give away what you don’t need. The less you move, the less you stress.

6) Treat yourself with something awesome once everything is settled in. The reward will motivate you to keep on going!

7) Take deep breaths! Try to keep yourself calm by taking slow deep breaths. Just remember that the stress will be over before you know it!

These helpful tips should help ease the stress of moving. Good luck with your move!

The Importance of Customer Reviews

I’m here to tell you about the importance of customer reviews. I can’t stress enough how important they are. In fact, I’d say reviews are the most effective way to research a moving company. By reading the experiences of former customers you’re getting the most honest feedback possible. The reviews will tell you whether the company is reputable, trustworthy, or a bad idea.

There are many websites available to check the reviews on moving companies. There’s,, Angies list, Facebook, and most of the time the moving company itself has some reviews on their company website.

For reviews on our company please click here for some customer reviews on DC Pro Movers.

Now go do your research on those moving companies to get the best rate for the best service!

Customer Reviews are Important

Thumbs up for DC Pro Movers!